Lower Limb Biomechanical and Gait assessment

Are you experiencing pain in your hips, knees, ankles or feet? Have you any structural deformities causing pain such as bunions, toe deformities, high or low arches or a previous injury to your feet. Perhaps you are simply concerned with the way you walk or run? A Lower Limb Biomechanical and Gait assessment involves observing how the body moves during walking and running. Our expert Podiatrists are revered at their attention to detail when assessing the way your legs and feet work whilst you walk or run.

Your podiatrist will carry out a detailed questionnaire in order to gain an insight into how long you’ve had the pain or discomfort, what makes it worse, what makes it better and so on. You will be assessed both on our treadmill using the latest in video gait analysis equipment and on our treatment couch looking at how you stand, walk and check the range of motion of the joints such as the hip, knee, ankle and foot joints. They will also test muscle and where applicable nerve function. We will review and assess each movement into individual segments to see where pathologies may be originating from.

You will be asked to bring shorts so that we can carry out assessments out without clothing getting in the way and it is also important that you bring with you a selection of shoes you normally wear for different activities so that we can make sure they are the right kind of shoe for you and examine wear patterns.

At the end of your appointment, your Podiatrist will discuss with you their findings and make recommendations with regards to further treatments. Our advice may include:

  • Stretching / Strengthening Program: If we find that there is any muscle tightness or weakness affecting the way your foot works, we will tailor an exercise programme to stretch or strengthen the affected muscle.
  • Foot Orthotics: are devices inserted into shoes to correct foot posture in order to support your foot as you walk or run. Our foot care shop stocks readymade devices which are a prompt solution as they are ready to go. If your biomechanical needs are complex your podiatrist may recommend custom made devices. Custom made orthotics are made to measure giving your podiatrist a greater input on your prescription. At AAlba, we use the latest technology to produce your orthotics. From video Gait anyalysis3 D scanners, we are able to produce Irish made orthotics with our manufacturing partners, which complement the footwear and lifestyle of our patients.
  • Footwear advice: this includes recommendation of certain types/brands of footwear which will suit your particular foot type and problem. If deemed necessary, we may make referrals for further investigations such as an X-ray, MRI or an Ultrasound.

Occasionally patients present with complex biomechanical issues which require longer assessments. Should this be the case your podiatrist will advise you further.

If you request cancellation of your appointment with less than 24 hours’ notice you are still liable for this payment. What to bring to your appointment?

  • Please bring a list of your current medication.
  • We recommend loose fitting clothing.
  • Please wear shoes that you tend to wear the most often.
  • You can also bring with you other shoes that you wear for sports and day activities and any insoles/orthotics you may already have.
Please arrive 5 minutes early for your appointment to allow you to complete the relevant paperwork prior to your consultation. If you are late for your appointment, we may not be able to offer you treatment, but you will still be charged.

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